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The industry of marketing and the digital landscape are two environments in a near-constant state of evolution and flux. New digital technologies are constantly being utilised, consumer behaviour is always changing and digital landscapes are shifting. It can be pretty difficult to make sure that your digital marketing strategy adapts with these changes, which is where we come in. At Adido, we provide our clients with a bespoke digital marketing strategy that will consider all of these factors and help solve your businesses challenges.

Our senior digital marketing strategists will work with you to pinpoint opportunities in your industry sector. They have a wealth of experience working in a wide variety of industries, including travel, finance, retail, charity, education plus many more.

Our strategic digital marketing components include, but are not limited to:

Making smarter, more effective decisions

We have years of experience setting a strategic direction for businesses just like yours, outlining the key tasks and digital marketing activities that can help them to reach their goals. We combine years of marketing expertise with an evidenced-based, data driven analysis of your business and the competitor landscape to come up with the right strategy for you.

If you choose us to help with your digital marketing strategy, you can expect a clear, easy-to-follow and transparent service, that takes an honest, evaluative look at your digital marketing activities and outlines exactly what you need to do to make it better!

Why Content Marketing is Important

1. Target audience

A big part of every business's digital marketing strategy is to understand its target audience. Our marketing strategies always take a deep dive into who your audience is, what their needs, problems and preferences are, and what the best ways to target them will be. Using customer data, industry reports and first-hand research we build up a picture of who you need to communicate with, identifying what their motivations are in order to make channel selection, audience segmentation and communication decisions.

2. Brand storytelling

One of the most important things your digital marketing strategy can do is determine what your brand messaging or “story” will be, how this message will manifest in your campaigns and how you’ll get this message to resonate with your target audience. During our briefing stage we will make sure we have the answers to the following questions - How is your business represented? What is your value proposition? How should you communicate (tone, language, imagery)? If these can’t be provided, then establishing them will be the next step on your strategic journey.

3. Tactical planning

We have a fantastic team of marketing specialists who can implement PPC, display, SEO, social and email marketing campaigns. We also have a broader breadth of knowledge across further digital disciplines like affiliate marketing and digital TV, as well as offline media, so we can advise how digital fits within your wider marketing plan and help you scope out your total budget. We are happy to discuss your short-term and long-term digital marketing plans in order to apply the right tactics at the right time.

4. Competitive research

It’s important to know what your competitive landscape looks like in order to see where the opportunities lie. We interrogate your direct competitors' footprints by assessing their strengths and weaknesses across their websites, search rankings, PPC visibility and ad executions as well as evaluating their overall point of difference. We also take a wider marketplace view to establish whether there are alternative competitive sets to be mindful of. Sometimes it's not who you might expect!

5. Channel strategy

The ecosystem involved in consumer decision making is often complex and vast. Knowing which channels to invest time and budget in to achieve business objectives and hit KPIs can seem daunting. Whilst for many the default is search, we will take a holistic view of what you're aiming to achieve and will put forward a channel strategy that will align with your customer journey and business performance - this will go beyond digital channels if the brief requires it. Our strategists will map the journey with the help of audience insights and experience to deliver an effective, cost-efficient channel strategy. We will identify each channel's role in the journey, set performance expectations and advise on KPIs for judging success.

6. Measurement

Looking into and helping to inform tracking requirements is one of the most important parts of your digital marketing strategy, allowing you to evaluate performance targets, improve your reporting capabilities and create forecasts. We conduct website tracking audits, seek possibilities to use your own customer data in our reports, assess offline conversion points for closed-loop analysis, and weigh up the use of different attribution models for better ROI. Where possible we will implement a robust reporting process from the Microsoft Office and Google tools at our disposal, however when necessary we will also recommend third party software solutions that can help to address some of the complexities of performance measurement at a more enterprise level.

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