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Improve your business’s visibility within search engines, increase organic traffic to your website and rank for the most valuable keywords. We are the SEO agency that will evolve your search performance and achieve more from your marketing spend.

Our SEO services include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

We live and breathe SEO

Google makes hundreds, if not thousands of changes to its algorithm every year. The SERP layout is constantly evolving and rankings fluctuate by the minute. Do you have time to keep up with all of that? Probably not, but we do, and we love it!

Reaching the top of page one is what drives us, and you don’t reach page one through guesswork. We analyse everything from individual landing page performance to your technical setup to nail down an achievable SEO strategy which gets results.

Why Content Marketing is Important

1.Keyword strategy

When developing a keyword strategy, we use a number of tools to conduct keyword research alongside years’ of knowledge and experience to identify the most valuable keywords for your business. Identifying keywords with the best combination of search volume, relevance and ranking potential is where our keyword audit starts.

2.Technical SEO

Creating great content is one thing, but ensuring Googlebot can crawl, interpret and index it efficiently is another! We use tools such as Screaming Frog to crawl and audit your site, digging deep into the technical setup to ensure you’re not shooting yourself in the foot! Learn more about our technical SEO site audit process here.

3.E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce websites require a unique approach to SEO in order to maximize product page visibility and increase sales. Let us dig into the site architecture, product page setup and keyword/content opportunities if you want to see sales soar!

4.SEO audits

If you want us to look at your website as a whole and provide you with a detailed report and actionable insights, our audits are for you. We analyze the SERP landscape, competitor activity, keyword strategy or just dig deep into your website’s performance to outline your next steps and set you up with plan of action for search engine domination!

5.ROI forecasting

Our SEO ROI model allows us to predict the value of our services to your business, giving you absolute confidence in the strategy. We look at search volume potential, organic position based CTR’s and your website’s conversion rate to forecast the impact of a specific SEO campaign and get a view of what we can achieve.

6.Content optimization

Ranking on page 1, appearing in the Knowledge Graph and gaining rich snippets requires a detailed SEO content strategy. Everything from header tag optimization to internal link anchor text and schema mark-up needs to be considered.

7.Link building

Like it or not, backlinks are still an important part of Google’s algorithm. We use various strategies and tools such as Majestic to research and analyze competitor backlink profiles, identify opportunities and build the right backlinks which build authority in the right places on your website.

8.Local SEO

For businesses operating in a local area, or with multiple office locations, ranking in the local listings is of key importance. Success is measured by increasing visibility in specific geographical locations and driving customers ‘near you’ to your website.

6.Website migrations

Whether it’s a domain, design or platform migration, there is always the risk of losing organic traffic. We can mitigate that risk using tools such as Search Console to sense check proposed sitemaps and redirects, SEMRush to analyze the keyword approach, Google Analytics to assess current performance and Screaming Frog to identify potential technical issues.

7.Algorithm recovery

From the Penguin and Panda updates of times gone by to the Core algorithm updates of today, our team can help you recover when Google’s algorithm decides to ruin your day. If you’ve been hit by an algorithm update, you need a long term strategy to help build rankings, traffic and conversions back to where they used to be and beyond.

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