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Paid social is a great strategy to shape the way your audience perceives your brand and capture sales, leads and conversions from people who may not be actively searching for your products or services. Our dedicated team of social media advertising specialists are conversion driven, creative and passionate about achieving tangible results through every ad they create.

Our social media advertising services include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

We love social ads

Filters, handles, hashtags, BRB, LOL, FTW… social media is an absolute minefield and it takes a trained eye to work it all out. Our social media advertising specialists spend most of their lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, so they’ve learned a trick or two in their time.

Making your audience take action is what drives us, and it takes a focused strategy to stimulate that action. Through careful testing and colorful creative, we find a way to make every ad count.

The Six Core Pillars of Social Media Advertising

1. Facebook & Instagram ads

With over three billion users between them, Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools in the marketing toolbox. From Instagram Stories to Facebook Ads and boosted posts, we find the right approach to get in front of your audience.

2. Twitter ads

Increase your following, promote your campaign or drive web conversions in a fast moving environment, by targeting keywords and interests, or just let someone else do the hard work for you by targeting the followers of a specific Twitter account.

3. Remarketing

By collecting data through tracking code such as the Facebook Pixel, we are able to retarget your website visitors on social media and keep your brand in front of an already engaged audience, funneling them towards conversion effectively.

4. Organic social strategy

The reach of organic social media is decreasing, but you can still reach your followers through regular organic posting. We help to formulate a strategy and plan which ensures a steady stream of engaging content.

5. LinkedIn ads

As the leading B2B social networking platform, LinkedIn presents a fantastic opportunity for B2B marketers. With incredibly granular audience targeting, LinkedIn advertising is ideal for reaching business professionals across many industries, company sizes and levels of experience.

6. Youtube ads

Video is an incredibly powerful tool to engage your audience. We use TrueView In-stream, TrueView Discovery, TrueView for Shopping and Bumper Ads to get your video content in front of an engaged audience.

4. Consultancy & ad audits

Using many years of experience, we dig deep into your social advertising accounts to analyse their current performance and formulate a strategy for improving targeting, content and your overall return on investment.

5. Ad analytics

How are you going to know whether you ran a good campaign or not if you don’t look at the data? Ad analytics is where we shine, and we use a variety of platforms to analyse the impact of your campaigns and optimise them further.

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