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User experiences can make or break a brand. If you’re looking to create online, or offline experiences, with data-driven user research and passionate user-centric design at its heart, we are the UX agency for you.

Our UX services include, but are not limited to:

We focus on the user's goals

In an increasingly mobile-first world of multiple screen sizes, resolutions and software, the goal posts have well and truly shifted in regards to what great interfaces and user experiences look like. We are a UX agency that relish in the challenge of crafting interfaces that look as great as they work, regardless of device or platform.

Our web designers and web developers live and breathe for the development journey our clients share with us. We excel in implementing actionable insights from qualitative, quantitative, attitudinal and behavioral research.

UX and UI services

1. Information architecture

Information architecture (IA) is the organisation and structuring of site content. We use an IA to map your brand identity in a way that captures the attention of your consumers. IA is the backbone to build upon for great user experiences.

2. Prototypes

We produce prototypes to get feedback early on in the design process. This allows us to be more creative and experiment efficiently with the usability of your website before taking it into development. We prefer low-fidelty prototypes which lack style, colour or graphs as they ensure that the main assessment focus lies in functionality, behaviour and priority of content. By stripping back the visuals we can better focus on meeting the user’s goals and not get distracted by colour or a particular image.

3. Site mapping

Your website architecture is incredibly important for both users and search engines. Working alongside our in-house SEO specialists, we create a sitemap which ensures users can easily navigate your website and search engines can see a clear hierarchical structure for crawling and indexing.

4. User journeys

User journeys depict the decisions users make and the journey they take through a site. We deliver this as a flow diagram for site tasks, showing the overall flow of the site. This informs flow and how site structure should work.

5. Personas

We create fictitious personas based on experiences of the target audience segments. Personas help to theorise about audience interests and the platforms, services and brands they're already familiar with. It provides a bigger picture of a user of the system to help get better results.

6. User research

As part of our analytical approach to developing great user experiences, we combine data about current and prospective users via several sources. This tends to involve a host of qualitative and quantatitive methods, from focus groups and surveys to analytics and field research. Whilst asking people what they think and want is useful, often what they say versus what they do can be very different, so we don't like to underestimate the power of observation.

7. User stories

We write user stories to ascertain specific site requirements. They are statements written from the perspective of the user, describing who they are, what they want and why they want it. User story mapping ensures that requirements are informed by user needs, keeping our work user-focused.

7. Wireframing

Building out the structure of your pages to ensure the user’s eye is drawn to all the right places is key to a successful web page. Again, we work closely with our SEO team to ensure we create wireframes which suit both users and search engines.

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